Jean Béliveau: His career in numbers

The late Jean Béliveau posted some staggering statistics in his NHL career, including the 10 Stanley Cups he won as a player with the Montreal Canadiens.

The price of goalie equipment in 1940

Although I didn't start going to Boston Bruins hockey games until the the equipment still looked pretty much like this (with Terry Sawchuck and Don Simmons wearing it).

Jean Beliveau | Montreal Canadiens | NHL | Hockey

“Going to be a sad day for a lot of people here and around the country today. Jean Beliveau is gone at the age of

Carey Price... The only reason I miss the NHL

Sweet mother of Lord Stanley this is one smokin hot goalie! Talking skills of course.

Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy's famous wink! / A century of history | Passion Hockey

Patrick Roy winking (Hockey Night in Canada used to zoom in on him doing this). Too bad he was a Hab!

Canadiens de Montréal

Canadiens de Montréal beat Boston 4 - 0 game number 6 at Bell Center on May was there!

Montreal Canadiens, 1978 Stanley Cup Champions

This is a pre 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs piece I put together of the Montreal Canadiens (Les Canadiens de Montréal) are Canada's shot at the Cup this season.

Goalie Knight #hockey

Goalie Knight :) Our beer league team, "Thursday Knights" needs new sweaters.