On Sept. 1, 1980, amputee Terry Fox was forced to stop his 5,000-mile run across Canada for cancer research after it was discovered that his bone cancer had spread to his lungs. He died 10 months later, but not before realizing his dream of raising one dollar for every person in Canada.

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Francis Pegahmagabow - the most effective sniper of World War I. Canadian 'First Nations'

Legendary Ojibwa sniper unsung hero of WW I.He was the most decorated First Nations soldier in the history of the Canadian military, but very few people have ever heard of Francis Pegahmagabow.

Terry Fox - Marathon of Hope. Proves ALL of my complaints and excuses are invalid.

Terry Fox - Marathon of Hope - Canadian Hero

They gave their tomorrows for our todays "My Knight In Body Armour" By Jacqueline Hurley Port Out, Starboard Home Original Art

Soldier and Child By Jacqueline Hurley "My Knight In Body Armour" Port Out, Starboard Home Original Art

Francis Pegahmagabow, sniper with the 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion during the First World War, awarded the Military Medal for bravery 3 times. Disillusioned upon his return to the Reserve where he was treated as a second-class citizen. Championed aboriginal rights through a peaceful campaign of letter writing and court challenges for the rest of his life. Band Chief 1921-25, councillor 1933-36, became Supreme Chief of The Native Independent Government, an early native rights group in…

DHH - Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military - Chapter 5

Canadian Women serving in Combat Zones in Afghanistan! This is Capt. Nichola Goddard, who was killed in combat, May17, 2006. R.I.P., Nichola.

Canadian Women serving in Combat Zones in Afghanistan! Nichola Goddard, who was killed in combat, May Words suffice not; but THANK-YOU and BLESS you Nichola, and family!

Sergeant Tommy Prince (R), M.M., 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, with his brother, Private Morris Prince, at an investiture at Buckingham Palace, February 12, 1945. #vintage #WW2 #1940s #Canadians

Aboriginal Canadians Sergeant Tommy Prince (r) with his brother Private Morris Prince of the Ojibway Nation at Buckingham Palace to receive military medals. Photo: Christopher J. of National Defence.

Tommy Prince a Canadian hero who fought in WW2 and Korea. He was the most decorated aboriginal soldier who has ever lived. He fought to prove that "his people" are equal and as good as the next.

Tommy Prince: We’re Breaking His Heart

Tommy Prince was a Canadian hero who fought in WWII and Korea. He was the most decorated aboriginal soldier who has ever lived. He fought to prove that "his people" are equal and deserve to be treated as well as everyone else.

The Devil's Brigade (also called The Black Devils and The Black Devils' Brigade and Freddie's Freighters, officially the 1st Special Service Force), was an elite, joint World War II American-Canadian commando unit organized in 1942. The modern American and Canadian special operations forces trace their heritage to this unit.

Insignia for the First Special Service Force (aka, "The Black Devils"), a combined U.-Canadian force that was the predecessor of the Green Berets and the Special Operations Regiments.



Sept. 19, 2010, marks the 30th Terry Fox Run. The annual event has raised more than $550 million for cancer research.

The legacy of Terry Fox's dream

Canadian Hero: Terry Fox, shown during his run across Canada to raise money for cancer research in had to stop his journey just west of Thunder Bay, Ont., when his cancer returned and spread to his lungs.

In remembering ...

"In Flanders Fields" a poem by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, was inspired by the death of a friend during the Second Battle of Ypres. The reason Veteran's Day is assocated with poppies.

Them were the days

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Tommy Prince, Native Canadian, received several medals for his bravery, outstanding soldier

Thomas George "Tommy" Prince Canada’s most decorated Aboriginal soldier in the Second World War,

1st Special Service Force-Anzio

Veterans of famed Canada-U.S. ‘Devil’s Brigade’ to receive Congressional Gold Medal

The real inglorious bastards: The First Special Service Force earned the nickname 'Black Devils' because they smeared their faces with boot polish and murdered Nazis in their sleep