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four different valentine's day cards with the words love and hearts on them, including an origami basket
Valentine's Day
Valentines Day is right around the corner. We've got some excellent patterns for the occasion. #ValentinesDay
four different types of toy cars and boxes
Printable Paper Craft Projects - Cricut & SVG Compatible
Who says a road trip can't be crafty? #papercrafts #fathersday #Cricut
Printable Paper Craft Projects - Cricut & SVG Compatible
This Mother's Day show your love with a lasting gift made by your own hands. #mothersday #diy #crafts
an image of a camera flash with the words how to turn a styrofoam bowl into a diy beauty dish for your camera's flash
How to Turn a Styrofoam Bowl into a DIY Beauty Dish for Your Camera's Flash
A beauty dish is a device that redistributes the flash on your camera to make the lighting more flattering in portraits. It's called a "beauty dish" because it's used most commonly in fashion and beauty photography. Unless you're a fashion photographer, you probably don't need one very often, so why drop a bunch of money when you probably have everything you need to make this super simple DIY version by Kirsty Wiseman? All you'll need is two Styrofoam bowls, two toothpicks, a piece of aluminu...
there are many different colors of paint on the shelf in front of eachother
Stickles Storage
Velcro stickles to acrylic frame -wonderful idea! Great for lots of different craft supplies.