With work and my online shop, I have less time to film and post videos but I decided to do some or my inktober drawings in color.

This is a commission I did a while ago for a person on my deviantart.

Back after the back to school frenzy ! This is a commission I did a while ago for Creampuff Jamaa !

This is the second drawing/painting I make for feeling fridays. I decided to draw sadness on a cute pixie cut girl to make some kind of contrast.

This is the first of my new serie, I'm trying to make 3 main series right now that are commission moday, tribal tuesday and feeling friday.

So this is the first of my serie of 'studies' on feelings. I tend to draw feelingless face so in this serie I'll be exploring on feelings in human face !

I always ask people around me for things to draw and something from final fantasy was a thing I wanted to draw, so I decided to try to draw a summon and I th.

I decided to draw this for one of my stream viewers the other day ! I found the color patern really cool and the idea of a girl with cat ears nice to draw !

Shark TRIBAL - TIME LAPSE drawing

So I was inspired by the last season (season to redo the Stark sigil in the form of a dragon.

A little drawing, the fisrt of the summer. So I decided to make something about summer. I'll have more time to draw so I'm going to be more active!