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Cris Bobo

Cris Bobo
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10 solid ideas for improving your marriage - "10) Love the spouse you have. Don't try to turn him or her into someone else. Find the good in your mate, and appreciate it and cherish it. It feels good to cherish someone, just as it feels good to be cherished."

10 Tips for Balancing ADHD and a Happy Marriage by Ned Hallowell, MD - Set aside regular times for conversation. Create a fair division of labor.

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Passport to Global Citizenship for IB Students. Fun with Transdisciplinary Themes. #IB #PYP

New and updated IB Passport to Global Citizenship is now yours! This is a super fun tool for PYP students in the IB classroom. Use it to reinforce all your Transdisciplinary Themes, Central Ideas and to support making global connections throughout your

Make your own "What if Everybody Did That?" class book. #charactereducation #earthday

Make your own "What if Everybody Did That?" class book for Earth Day.