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Spinal Stenosis and Vitamin Therapy

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing within the vertebrae of the spinal column that results in too much pressure on the spinal cord (central stenosis) or nerves (late

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With brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. from Ceres, California. Date Filled Cookies Date filling 1 c. soft shortening 2 c. brown sugar (packed) 3 eggs c. water 1 t.

I was torn between duck and dates when making this post. Daikon (as in the radish) was a possibility but as I've never made anything with it before, I decided not to take the risk. :) Date filled oatmeal turnovers are one of my favourite cookies. Simple, not too sweet, and very satisfying to…

D is for Dates (Oatmeal Date Filled Cookies): a_boleyn

Old Fashioned Date Filled Cookies. I have to make these. Love them!

I was introduced to these cookies about 28 year’s ago when I visited my BFF at her parent’s home in Owen Sound. Her mom bought these cookies from a local bakery and I literally ate them…

Its never been easier to clean your oven thanks to this hack!

Ammonia oven safe bowl and let set over night. Open two windows to let air circulate. Open oven and remove amonia wipe the gunk away.