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a brown dog standing on top of a gravel covered ground next to a cement wall
Man's Best Friend
The vizsla was bred to work side-by-side with hunters, pointing to and retrieving prey without wandering too far away. Today, these medium-sized, affectionate dogs still like to stick close to their people, earning themselves the nickname of Velcro Vizsla.
a brown and white dog standing on top of a lush green field
Truffle Dogs
The Lagotto Romagnolo is a fluffy and sweet dog with ancient roots. Their origin can be traced back to Italy, where these medium-sized water dogs were used for centuries as retrievers before their exceptional nose was discovered to be the ultimate truffle-hunting tool.
a black and brown dog laying on top of a wooden floor next to a teddy bear
Insta-Famous Doggos
Why follow a celebrity, an influencer, or a model when you could follow a dog that is all 3 rolled into one? Here are 10 of the cutest Instagram-famous pups.
a dog biting on the finger of someone's hand with text overlay that reads, dog bites prevention & tips
How To Make Your Puppy More Polite
Unfortunately, puppies aren't born knowing how to control their bite strength when playing. For their owners, this often means a lot of painful chomps. Though this is a common problem when raising a puppy, there are plenty of easy ways to train your puppy to stop biting and be more polite.
a small brown and white dog peeking out from under a bed with his nose sticking out
Interpreting Your Dog's Behavior and Body Language
Dogs communicate with their owners using body language and actions to ask for things they need, give warnings, or express their affection. People who can interpret their dog’s behavior have a head start in forming a close bond with their pet, which leads to a happy and well-behaved dog.
a brown dog running on top of a sandy beach
Shiba Inus: Big Attitude in a Small Package
Shiba Inus have become one of the most recognizable breeds in the world due to their popularity on social media and memes. When you look at their expressive faces, it's easy to understand why the internet loves them so much. However, there's more to these dogs than meets the eye.
a woman sitting on the floor petting a dog
New Tricks To Teach Your Dog
Playing with, training, and teaching your dog is one of the greatest joys of life as a pet owner. Beyond the simple commands to sit and stay, there are plenty of fun games and stunts to teach your dog. Exploring new dog tricks can be a great bonding exercise for you and your furry friends and a great way to use some of their endless energy.