Canadian Forces Boeing Vertol Labrador helicopter from CFB Gander, 103 Search and Rescue Sqn. landing on a sea stack off the tip of Bell Island in Captain Randy Price (check pilot) and Captain David Barkes at the controls. The rock sea stack


Pre-Confederation penny from Newfoundland - Newfoundland was a separate British colony and then dominion until when it joined Canadian Confederation.


Newfoundland - Martha & I went in 1977 in our VW van! yes and I lived there in Clarenville same time and later in Goose Bay Labrador.

Richard Calmes photos at

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada fishing boat in background. ***Wish I was there on that boat***

Those are cod fish on the dock - drying out in the sun.....the days of yore.....

Those are cod fish on the dock in Newfoundland- drying out in the sun.traded for Rum and sugar. National dish ackee and salt fish