Saint John New Brunswick - Cruise port views

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada- Cruise port views, Things to do and see in the port of Saint John New Brunswick, Canada, 45.2796° N, 66.0628° W
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Pretty little gift shop on the way to the Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

Funky gift shop in St. Martins near the Fundy Trail Parkway in New Brunswick

Whale watch out of St. Johns New Foundland $50

Iceberg Quest offers boat tours from St. John's and Twillingate Newfoundland with icebergs puffins and whales. Four times daily tours from St John's and Twillingate, Newfoundland.

Saint John Harbor Coast Guard Base Lighthouse, New Brunswick Canada

Saint John Coast Guard Base, New Brunwick Canada Located on the northwest corner of the Coast Guard base in Saint John near Market Square.