EXPO 2020

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Crystal's EXPO Journey
World exhibitions have famously left their mark on the landscape of the host site with timeless architecture and design. These exhibitions have significant importance for Crystal's life since we have started our journey in the industry with the inspirational water feature in Expo 1967, Montreal, Canada. Now, we are preparing for the world's greatest show, #EXPO2020, and can't wait to share our end-to-end experience. Stay tuned! #WhereIdeasFlow #CrystalatExpo2020
an aerial view of a city with skyscrapers and train tracks
Crystal Fountains at Expo 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Will emerging technological solutions affect our perceptions of sustainability and water features in the future? Dubai is preparing to host the world's greatest show, #EXPO2020, to bring the world together to showcase and talk about innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Stay tuned for October 2020! #WhereIdeasFlow #CrystalatExpo2020 Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash