8 Minute Apple Crisp in my Epicure Food Steamer!

8 Minute Apple Crisp in my Epicure Food Steamer! This was pretty good, I should have only cooked for 6 min and then checked. 8 minutes was a little too long.

#Epicure Steamer 8-Minute Greek Potatoes #vegetarian #meatlessmonday

Steamer Quick & easy baked potato's Just wash, poke a hole in your potato, place in steamer & pop in the microwave done.

Epicure's Herb & Garlic Bruschetta

Calzones – Serves: 2 nuwave oven recipe - pizza 1 tube refrigerated pizza dough 1 cup Mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese, shredded ½ cup premade spaghetti sauce ¾ pound cooked Italian sausage or pepperoni ⅛ cup onions, diced ⅛ cup tomatoes, diced

#Epicure Cheddar, Herb & Garlic Biscuits #vegetarian #meatlessmonday

Cheddar, Herb & Garlic Biscuits - Warm, homemade biscuits add a comforting touch to any family dinner. by blanche

The Chipster - this is my new favorite snack!  If you want chips this is the way to do it.  No oil!!

Chipster is a must in any kitchen make potato, apple, kayle, beets, parsnip chips in 2 minutes.

Light Caesar Salad

Light Caesar Salad

Beef Stir-fry with Broccoli

Lunch/Dinner: Epicure's Asian Beef Stir-fry calories/serving) serve with brown rice or rice noodles