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a brown dog laying in a wooden barrel bed
Dog Bed from a Wine Barrel
The Gilded Horn: Dog Bed from a Wine Barrel
a light that is on the wall with some kind of metal thing in front of it
three wooden barrels with water in them sitting on the floor next to a door and one has a sink
Cool sink. Would fit right in with the barrel bottle rack
a wooden wine rack with several bottles and glasses
Uno de estos estaria bien
a chair and table made out of wine barrels in a room with carpeted flooring
Wine barrel side table
an old wooden boat with rope on the bottom and sides, sitting on a white surface
Wine Fruit board
a cheese board with grapes and crackers on it sitting on a wooden table next to a knife
Wine cheese board
a wooden barrel with two shelves filled with bottles
Wine barrel cabinet
a large wooden clock mounted to the side of a wall next to a potted plant
Wine barrel clock
a wine rack made out of wood with bottles hanging from it's sides and on the wall
Wine barrel wall mount
a wooden table topped with wine bottles and glasses on top of plates next to a bottle of wine
Wine barrel