two people standing on the shore of a mountain lake
If you book a shoot with me there's a very good chance I will get you to slow dance together. There's something magical about getting lost in the moment and twirling amongst the stunning scenery while it rains. ...wait while it rains?? Yup. I loooove it when my badass clients embrace the elements. It fills my heart to have couples smile as the wind rips through their hair rain slides down their cheeks or snow piles on their hats and eyelashes. These memories are uniquely yours including the we
a woman standing in the snow holding a camera and smiling at the camera, with mountains in the background
2 Y E A R S Welp definitely didn't expect most of my second year in Alberta to be during a global pandemic but HEY what are you gonna do? It was SO hard not going home to visit family or friends at all during 2020. I'm going to be looking a lot older since the last time they've seen this mug. Despite the pandemic I had an amazing year with amazing people loaded with camping hiking and further exploring the mountains. I took things at a slower pace and I kind of loved it. My heart goes out to