Canopic jars from Pringles cans! from Incedible@rt Department (blog)

If you are preparing your class to learn about Egypt or if your scout troop has selected Egypt for Thinking Day these Paper Maché Egyptian Canopic Jars are

Hands On Canadian History: The Fur Trade Game More

Hands-On Canadian History: The Fur Trade Game

This scavenger hunt style printable game is based on how the fur trade system worked. Collect as many beaver pelts as you can.

Looking for fun and engaging classroom activities to teach children about Canada and its symbols? This post includes a few arts and craft activities, lesson suggestions and ideas, and a FREE printable Canadian resource for primary teachers.

Canada in the Classroom

100 days of school activities for the primary classroom,including day collections, STEM stations, snacks, and more fun activities.

The escape of the slaves from the southern states was a dangerous journey as they headed north on the Underground Railroad – a secret network of people who opposed slavery and helped the fugitives make their way to Canada, where they could live free. Here are some learning resources to discover more on this period of history.

Teach Your Kids About ... the Underground Railroad

A list of learning resources to help teach about the Underground Railroad, and the escape of the black slaves from the southern states to Canada.

The History of Canadian Thanksgiving (Infographic)

An interesting Thanksgiving history of our neighbors to the north. Wishing all Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving - Monday, October