Template of iPhone conversations as a template for a dialogue.

Neat way to teach dialogue between characters. Template for screenshot of an iPhone texting conversation.

affichage vivre ensemble

affichage vivre ensemble

Voici un petit livre pour la Rentrée!  Dans mon sac à dos!  Fun French Emergent Reader for Back to School!  $

La Rentrée/Back to School: French Emergent Reader: Dans mon sac à dos

Introduce your French students to Back to School vocabulary with this fun emergent reader A surprise twist at the end, as well as the option to make a class book will engage your beginning French learners!

This is a quick guide to conjugating to the past participle in French. Once you know how to conjugate the past participle, you can form various past tense compounds (yeah…there are multiple), with the most common probably being the “passé composé”.

Give your students all of the tools to speak to you and to each other en français in class every day!

French Classroom Expressions for Students and Teachers

This product consists of 2 charts of common French classroom expressions: Student Talk pages) - These are the expressions that students would need to converse with the teacher and between themselves on a daily basis in a French classroom.

The French school system, explained.

The French School System Explained - Learn French

Learn how the French school system works compare to the US - with student age, bilingual English / French vocabulary about school and supplies. ALSO: has a cute poem en français recited by Layla about La Rentrée