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K.C. Smith

Hey :) Few Facts: I LOVE burgers. And I follow back so make sure to follow me!!!
K.C. Smith
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"That thing coming up that you were dreading" reposting so maybe it won't be so bad LOL<-----not my words. But this is exactly what happened owo posted right before havingto do something I was not looking forward to and ended up loving it!

I hope you have a great day everyday. I hope your crush asks you out. I hope you feel better. I hope your celebrity crush notices you soon. I hope you meet them. I hope that anything you want to happen, happens :). Keep passing the good karma.

I don’t know if this is coincidence or if this is working because the last time I saw this- but I don’t have school Thursday or a Friday this week. << i saw this halfway through class and the last hour got cancelled

Omg who is the a$$hole that makes these?! I agree. It's like when people say "you know I don't really believe these but I figured what the neck" and then go on to tell me I have 15 minutes to repost this or something bad will happen. Get a life!!

I don't have the best relationship with my mom but if she died it would ruin my younger siblings' lives so. this is 4 them this is so silly but I love my mom so

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My dad's a corporal police officer and gets a lot of cases on the bad side of town.>>>>> my dad’s pretty regular but I can’t risk it still!