Peeping Reindeer Window Sticker

This peeping reindeer window sticker is perfect to create a magical theme to your decor this Christmas.Brown reindeer with red nose.

Telling Time to the Quarter Hour Bingo - 25 Different Game Boards - CCSS 2.MD.7

Un petit jeu de dés sur les fractions

Fraction Dice Game - This is a game that can be used to practice fraction recognition. Roll a pair of dice, make a fraction and cover the correct fraction illustration on the gameboard.

Ensemble d'activités de la rentrée

Ensemble d'activités de la rentrée - use to each child to fill in after going over some vocab, then make bunting out of it, to put up in the classroom

Mon monstre / My monster — Each student chooses his/her favorite monster and writes a descriptive paragraph using a word bank.

Homophones - Affiches

Affiches colorées de 11 homophones: -ton/t'ont -à/a -c'est/s'est -ou/où…

Jeux de mots prêt à assembler par Profs et Soeurs, Les dés des verbes à conjuguer

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