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It's So Fluffy!! (...and colourful...) - Another shot through the sphere of the…

Another shot through the sphere of the scrap fabric. I have no idea what the magnification level is but I’m glad I attempted the shot.

Altered Perspective of the Road Ahead. by Cudtz

Spring Drive to Canmore (part of a Time Lapse set) by Cudtz

Macro of Water Droplets on a leaf by Cudtz

Discarded Water or … Something More ? by Cudtz

Macro of a Blue ‘Wildflower' by Cudtz

Yet Another Cog in The System. by Cudtz

The Fly, Cousins

Seem To, To Be


by Cudtz

Retro Viewmaster Stereoscopic Camera (it may even work). Even has a macro lens for all those close up shots you'd want to do.