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a sandwich and potato chips on a plate
Guédille au homard (lobster roll) | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
a pie topped with strawberries on top of a white wooden table next to green leaves
Tarte aux fraises et à la rhubarbe | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
two glasses filled with lemonade and lavender sprigs next to a pitcher of water
Limonade infusée à la lavande | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
a salad with hard boiled eggs in it on a plate next to other food items
Salade niçoise aux crevettes nordiques | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
a salad with cucumbers, radishes and lettuce on a plate
Jeux de crabe aux fruits de saison | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
two hamburgers with meat and vegetables are on a cutting board, ready to be eaten
Guédilles aux fruits du Saint-Laurent | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
a piece of bread topped with fruit and cheese on top of a wooden cutting board
Guédille de crevettes nordiques, sauce à la figue grillée piquante et basilic | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
four shot glasses with green liquid and yellow flowers in them on a tray next to utensils
Lait d'asperges froid | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec
slices of watermelon, lime and honey sit on a cutting board next to a bowl of honey
Melon d’eau sur le barbecue | Cuisinez | Télé-Québec