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Cucumbers like it hot. Lettuce likes it cool and shady. Two in one! I'll remember this for next year!

Cucumbers like it hot ~~ Lettuce likes it cool and shady. But with a trellis, they're perfect companions! Use a slanted trellis to grow your cucumbers and you’ll enjoy loads of straight, unblemished fruit. Plant lettuce, mesclun, or spinach in the shady a

How to Freeze Avocados

How to Ripen, Store or Freeze Avocados. But why would you ever freeze avocado? The other tips are handy, tho.

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How to make a Sub-Irrigated Planter. I'm not sure I would use a two liter plastic bottle though. Over time I would fear the plastic breaking down enough to poison the plant. Perhaps a wine bottle instead.


How to Grow Zucchini from Seed - Growing Zucchini from Seeds - West Coast Seeds

Regrowing Celery from 17 Apart

You will know how to grow celery from a leftover stump after reading this article. The price of celery has gone sky high in my area so I will be growing my own. 17 Apart: Growing Celery Indoors: Never Buy Celery Again


DIY Backyard Bird Feeder with a soda bottle and wooden spoons ~ Good kid craft and great to recycle. Love this idea. Just gotta find a soda bottle cuz we don't drink it.

Denim Pocket Organizer

DIY Crafts with Old Denim Jeans - Denim Pocket Organizer - Cool Projects and Fashion You Can Make With Old Jeans - Fun Crafts for Teens and Adults, Inexpensive Ones! - Crafting To Go