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Orange and red SUNSET VIBES  Nuno Felted scarf -  felted wool and silk shawl, art to wear, lagenlook, statement scarf, occasion wear,
Red & grey Nuno Felted scarf, red shawl, red nuno shawl, grey scarf, red wrap, art to wear, lagenlook wrap,
Beaded Necklace, Transparent Quartz Uneven Beads With Gold Filled Wire Curves, Statement, Elegant, Bridal, Wedding - Etsy Israel


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Mushroom Fiber Art, Aminita Muscaria, Mushroom Decor, Crochet Fiber Art, Science Gift, Plant Art, Hostess Gift, Cottagecore Decor, Snail Art

Art For The Home

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Hey friends! I finally did it—I started my blog sharing my journey with Crohn’s disease and how I find beauty in every moment. Join me as I spread positivity, share self-help tips, and dive into meaningful conversations. Let’s embrace new beginnings together!    #CrohnsWarrior #SelfCare #Positivity #NewBeginnings
How I quit my 9 to 5 office job to become an artist? — Adele Po.
Do you like your books extra spicy? Decorate your reading nook with these fun spicy book themed decorative pillows. Made of soft velvet fabric, the design is sublimated onto the pillow cover, which means no fading or cracking over time.  Current production time is 1-2 business days  -Size: Approx. 16" x 16" x 5" -Pillow cover fabric content: 100% velvet -Pillow insert content: 100% polypropylene cover, 100% polyester fiberfill interior -Care instructions for cover: machine wash cool on gentle cycle with like colors, lay flat to dry, warm iron inside out; do not use bleach -Handmade -Made in the USA -Made in a smoke-free environment  *Please note that the size and/or placement of the design on the pillow may vary slightly from the photos. *While I make every effort to represent product colo

Books & Blogging

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This Persian turquoise delight is made to be in motion, with the open silver links ready to move with the grace of the one who wears it. The material from the braided top through the finest link, is silver, though less than the .925 sterling standard. #whytewing
Mother and Child Blue Sodalite Necklace, Multi Strand 19 inches
Dainty gold fan necklace for your Bridgerton era. Handmade jewelry by YSM Designs

Bridgerton Party

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Purple Marshmallow Plushie, Happy Marshmallow Plushie, Cute Kawaii Plushies, Desk Buddy, Stocking Stuffers for Teens, Plushies for Adults

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Hand Painted Laser Cut Wooden Long Teardrop Swirl. The backside is left natural so that you can also use these as Diffuser Earrings.   #swirlearrings #earrings #colorfulearrings #redwhiteblue #rainbow #lightweightearrings #handpaintedearrings #handmadejewelry


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Beaded Necklace, Transparent Quartz Uneven Beads With Gold Filled Wire Curves, Statement, Elegant, Bridal, Wedding - Etsy Israel
Gable Diamond Turquoise Ring
Long Dangle Earrings, Horizontal Oval Bezel Inlaid With Smoky Quartz and Attached to 9k Hook, Fine Jewelry, Elegant, Bridal, Festive - Etsy Israel

Mother's Day

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A wonderful gift for Miffy lover, fantastic kids birthday party activity. Cute DIY kit, perfect small gift or to have on hand for a rainy day. Gorgeous alternative to a party bag, party favor or stocking filler.  Contains everything needed to make a bright and colorful mixed bead bracelet - a mixture of bright colorful beads and a length of elastic, in a cute gift bag. Every gift bag contains three big Miffy beads, to make the custom bracelet even more special.
Mean Girls Theme Party Favors Printables, Birthday Party Decor, Party Gifts for Teens, Mean Girls Birthday Printables

Party Decorations

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Barbie Doll Pet Pal Westie and Dog Bed by MyRetroToys on Etsy
Gorgeous golden bunny rabbit charm, artisan sculpted and cast in solid brass. The bunny is sitting up, ears up, curious and unafraid. #bunny #rabbits #whytewing


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Red Apple Hat, Fruit Hat, Kawaii Hat, Novelty Hat, Kids Fruit Hat, Food Hat, Crochet Apple Hat, Gardening Gift, Clothing Gift, Foodie Gift
Candy Corn Hat, Candy Corn, Halloween Hat, Cosplay Hat, Kawaii Hat, Halloween, Candy Corn Beanie, Halloween Costumes, Fall Hat, Kawaii


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Shoe Charms, Shoelace Charms for in Gold, Shoe Jewels, Shoe Jewelry, Sneakers Charms, Charms Shoe Accessories, Cherry Charm, Shoe Clips
Silver cowboy boot charm, shown in profile and full of slouchy character! From ranching to boot-scooting, this classic style has got your back! #whytewing #bootstraps #western
Solid sterling silver ballet dancing shoes bracelet charm, rendered in 3D and “embroidered” with braided wire work. #whytewing #ballet #dancingshoes #sterlingsilver


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Crochet Dinosaur Pattern, Dinosaur Hood Pattern, Dino Hat Pattern, DIY Halloween Costumes, Spiked Dinosaur Hat Pattern, Hood Pattern, PDF
Don’t miss out on 25% off all digital planners until June 20th! This is your chance to upgrade your planning routine at an unbeatable price.  Grab yours now >  @etsy @etsy_UK #etsy
Must put your foot down? In Flamingos Add Stars to 20 Task Cards Tens Frames Printable No Prep, learners answer 30 math questions. Flamingo Add Stars lesson can be used as whole group teaching, an intervention and math center station. Just print and go.

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Rainbow Bear Hat, Pastel Rainbow Bear, Slouchy Bear Hat, Pastel Bear Hat, Bear Ears Beanie, Kawaii Hat, Bear Cosplay, Bear Costume, Kawaii
Shoe Charms, Shoelace Charms for in Gold, Shoe Jewels, Shoe Jewelry, Sneakers Charms, Charms Shoe Accessories, Cherry Charm, Shoe Clips


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Witness the spirited energy of a Pit Bull joyfully navigating heavenly clouds in this heartwarming image. Printed on t-shirts, mugs, and various merchandise, this portrayal captures the affectionate nature of the Pit Bull amidst celestial beauty, delivering a powerful message of love and resilience through this delightful fusion of strength and serenity.
Golden retriever images adorn these delightful merchandise pieces, showcasing the breed's warm, friendly nature and iconic golden coat. From cozy t-shirts to charming mugs, these items capture the joyous spirit of these beloved dogs, perfect for any enthusiast or dog lover.
"Bold and endearing, our bulldog graphic captures the charm of this iconic breed with its determined stance and expressive face. Whether on t-shirts or mugs, this design adds character and charisma to everyday items."

Dog Lovers Gifts

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Hands down camping! Summer Camp Read and Decode Worksheet Unit Build a Campsite No Prep involves basic words specific to the wilderness and camping environment. This Summer Camp Decoding Unit can be used as a whole group teaching, an intervention and a center station.
Cuaderno Nombre personalizado del castillo de fantasía |
Crafts in ELA? Learn, roll the dice and build a pony! In this 28-word lesson, learners say the word, find the number of syllables, roll the dice and build a craft. This syllabication or syllable lesson and roll game can be used as whole group teaching, an English Language Arts center station, intervention and parental involvement. Why read, syllabicate, roll and make a craft? Learning is less stressful when fun can be had!

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The Moundville site in Alabama, a Mississippian culture settlement from A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1450, featured a 300-acre village with a square plan, a wooden palisade, and 26 earthen mounds used for various purposes. It was a significant political, religious, and populous center.

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