Paul Cushing

Paul Cushing

Burlington / Highschool Science Teacher. Masters in Anatomy and Cell Biology
Paul Cushing
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Meiosis Square Dance - YouTube

Meiosis Square Dance-- shorter version with sing-along lyrics. *Make sure to click "quote bubble" symbol to hide inappropriate annotation.

the planets greatest carbon sink is being destroyed in order to produce oil from the tar sands, a process that produces more carbon, and consumes more energy and water, than any other oil recovery and refining process.

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This animation depicts the method for genome editing – a powerful new technology with many applications in biomedical research, including the potential to treat human genetic disease.

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This animated video is an informative video that provides information regarding Upper Gastro-intestinal Endoscopy. An upper GI endoscopy procedure allows you.

How CT Scan Machine Works - YouTube

CAT SCAN Computer Aided Tomography X-ray is rotated around the body and many slices recorded A computer constructs a image which shows more detail than a conventional X-ray

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Sir David Attenborough narrates this fascinating investigation into the curious sticking power of the humble gecko. Brilliant wildlife video from BBC natural.