hipster way of displaying your family photo is done easily with wooden planks, clips and couple of wires. Go rustic by hanging your washed-out or black and white pictures on a semi-clothesline.

Rustic wall picture display - you can get the line and clips at Ikea in a whole set. Love the wood behind. Could use for kids art work too

DIY wall to display pictures, cards, art work, etc. by bowneh

DIY Wood and Wire Art display

Like Pinterest in real life, this wire board will keep your inspiration close at hand. Materials: Wire grid fencing, wire cutters, binder clips, nails The Tricky Part: Not getting a hand cramp while cutting the wire to size. More Inspiration: Stil Inspiration

5 Office Organization Hacks to Try This Weekend

Inspiration only Wire grid wall. Place above a desk in a small office. Clip on notes, mementos, etc. using metal clips.

This is so happening soon. Our fridge is so packed with masterpieces you can't tell what color it is anymore! Great way to display them all.

25 Cute DIY Wall Art Ideas for Kids Room

Super cute idea for displaying kid art! :) I did this in our great room the kids love to change their work and when they make something they decide if they want to put it up on the wall. For when I have grandchildren. Should just start a new board.

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15 Family Command Centers

Here's a compact, functional command center for organizing everybody's information. -- Small-Space Command Center: Better Homes and Gardens.