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Valentine's Day is right around the corner (next Wednesday to be exact), have you pre-ordered your flowers yet? We are getting ready for our busiest V-day yet and we want to make sure you aren't missing out. Pre-order your bouquet to reserve stunning flowers for your lover, yourself, your BFF, or whoever it is you want to surprise with a thoughtful gift on Valentine's Day. In typical Cut Floral Studio fashion we are going moody and aesthetic. Romantic and sexy flowers for Valentine's Day this year is what we will be serving up. A collection of burgundy and deep mauve roses, purple gladiolus and mums, speciality imported tulips from Holland and hand painted burgundy foliage make this year's offering one that is truly unique.
❤️ Valentine's Day Flowers! ❤️
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Portfolio — Cottage Garden Florals
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Thanksgiving bouquets
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