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a vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a white cubed container next to a black wall
Vase arrangement
Vase floral arrangement
many different colored flowers are arranged together
Glorious Zinnias overflowing at the studio right nos, their colours and textures, the way wach one is so intensely unique always delights me.
a person holding a bouquet of flowers in front of a brick wall
Hand-tied bouquet
Local flowers from Prince Edward County, and Shiso, for added texture and a distinct aroma.
an orange and pink flower with drops of water on it's petals, in front of a black background
How are these blooms this stunning? The variety of shades and hues available always blows my mind #flowers
a person's hand holding a bouquet of flowers
Quick bouquet
Quick bouquet from some leftovers at the studio last week.
three pink and yellow flowers in a vase on a black background with water droplets around them
Macro ranunculus. The most gorgeous summer flower adds beauty to any arrangement, or on its own. I wish we coul dhave these all year long in Toronto #flowers
two pink and yellow flowers with green stems
a person holding flowers in their hand on a black background with space for the text
Ranunculus bunch