Vegan mushroom rolls

Vegan mushroom rolls Perfect finger food This is my twist on classic sausage rolls, with a herby mushroom filling surrounded by golden puff pastry(Vegan Pie Mushroom)

Family Favorite! Vegetarian Lasagna | A sure hit in your home too!

Family Favorite! Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegetarian Lasagna: Thank goodness for go-to recipes that can be featured over & over again at dinnertime! This simple & delish lasagna is a hit in our house & I’m sure it will be in yours too!

Ravioli lasagna

Ravioli lasagna with sausage and mushrooms

Spinach and Feta Mini Frittatas2

Spinach and Feta Mini Frittatas

Spinach and Feta Mini Frittatas - Start your day off right with this healthy protein-packed breakfast!

Baked French potatoes

Teaching how to make a roast dinner at the mo. This is 'French Baked Potatoes' a great healthy alternative to dauphinoise. As usual with students I halved the ingredients and got them to cook it in a tin foil dish that they could take home and reheat.

Mini Frittatas

Mini Frittatas

When making hors d'oeuvres for a crowd, try these little frittatas or your own favorite recipes for cornbread, quiche, or sweet or savory muffins. Chop fillings extra fine, and bake for a third as long as you normally would-eight to ten minutes for m

Roast Turkey with Pears & Sage

Roast Turkey with Pears and Sage

Adventures in Cooking: Roast Turkey with Pears & Sage- comes with a stuffing, glaze, and gravy recipe. The works to bring your meal together

Kale, Blood Orange, and Hazelnut Salad

Kale, Blood Orange, and Hazelnut Salad

Umbrian lentils are well-suited to absorb the earthy and salty flavors of this dish. Any type of small dried lentil can be substituted.

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