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a wooden table topped with potted plants next to a wall mounted mirror on the wall
Magic Mirror in Walnut
Here's how you can make your own magic smart mirror that tell you how good you look every morning! #DIY
an apple tv remote with the text hacking a gameboy into an apple tv remote
Check out this insanely great hacked GameBoy that's now an Apple TV remote - 9to5Mac
If you had "hack a GameBoy to turn it into an Apple TV Remote" on your #DIY bingo card well... then bingo was her name-o!
an advertisement for the new google assistant with rasberry pi and arduino
How to build a DIY voice assistant with Pi and Arduino
Ever thought about building your own Google or Alexa-like voice assistant? Here's how one man built one from scratch with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
two pictures with the words diy artificial natural light window on them and an image of a
How to Build Your Own Artificial Natural Light Window
Looking to brighten up a room? Here's an illuminating idea! How you can make your own artificial natural light window.
This #DIY Laser Tag system has all the bells and whistles. 3d, 3d Printing, Laser Tag, Lazer Tag, Laser, Tag System, Whistle, Whistles
DIY Laser Tag System Comes With All The Bells And Whistles
This #DIY Laser Tag system has all the bells and whistles.