But I always do grey...

‘Grey’ or ‘Gray’?

Funny pictures about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Oh, and cool pics about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Also, 'Grey' or 'Gray'?

"Go back to Canada, Iowa" hahaha i laughed a little harder than i should have..

People actually say soda?

That doesn't even make sense. It does in America. --And it is SODA. I live in Iowa but am from the south and argue with people everyday. It's not POP!

Lmao who thought of this.. I am concerned

Petition to rename the USA ‘South Canada…’

Petition to rename the USA ‘South Canada…’ Canada that is totally a planet Bin single lady Canada 😂😂😂🙊😂😂

Ah-h-h, Canada!  It makes me feel so much cooler looking at this!!  :)   Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada

Maligne Lake, Canada.

Well played, Canada. Well played. Canada still has common sense!

What Country Could They Possibly Be Referring To?

"If this was another country, we would have to tell you this coffee may be hot. Good thing this is Canada!" Anyone know what coffee shop makes these cups?

Bagged milk?! Wtf?!

I honestly cannot stop laughing at that HAHHAHAHAHAHHA omg? I do not understand this bag milk? /// as an American I never heard of bagged milk or water before this post! XD I don't mean to sound stupid, I've just never heard of it!

Haha that day in March was yesterday and it was so warm out i was so happy and now today its freezing rain

Seasons according to the North…

New England seasons in pie chart form. Equally accurate for Pennsylvania weather

Canadian Problems

This ISNT and American thing. I always hated the beep test in elementary school!

why do we do this?!

This is ultra-Canadian. Along with getting the wrong order and apologetically saying "I'm soooo sorry, I don't mean to be a bother, but I actually ordered__________.