Dakota Schultz

Dakota Schultz

Dakota Schultz
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The staff is so nice and welcoming and just it seems like they'd never judge you and you're all accepted

Literally me<<< I don't think we have Hot Topic in Australia but I would feel at home there and I've purchased band merch online from hot topic

How to get discounts: Bring cute korean boy with you

How to get discounts: Bring cute korean boy with you and when I mean cue asian boy I mean any kpop boy

Taehyung, you got no chance... XD

Poor V,I will ride bikes with you. Even tho I haven't rode a bike since I was I would have to learn again but I will definitely ride bikes with you some day :)

kpop meme

This is sweet, but the last comment made me laugh a little too hard, and now my drivers ed partner is looking at me like i just birthed a panda. ^ This caption also makes me laugh so hard XD


Imagine the boys coming over your house to go in your pool and this was Taehyung's reaction to you in your bathing suit. but that moment when you remember you don't have a pool.