I dreamt I was trying to explain the beauty of grey clouds and light in the sky but only the one I love understood it, and added to my description with his own, which showed an understanding and a connection that made my heart want to burst!

Beautiful night time photo

Mount Elbrus the highest Peak in europe,Prielbrusie National Park,Russia

Near Regina, SK.

-based perspective as determined by a team of meteorologists at The Weather Channel.

Northern ice road

Northern ice road

The Big Dipper through the seasons

Seasonal position of the big dipper from the northern hemisphere - one of several sources of the swastika design

Look at all the STARS

The stars were out across Queen's Lake last night with the township of still aglow beneath North Brother Mountain. to keep nature by huxcam

Rainbow & Lightning

We had a crazy storm yesterday that produced a tornado, softball sized hail, and flash flooding. My friend snapped a picture of the aftermath : PerfectTiming