Poisonous Life

Poisonous Life

I love nature and how wild it can be. A lot of plants, animals and insects are poisonous (venomous). Check out my website and start recognizing them.
Poisonous Life
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Check out our page about young men removing venom from their wounds! Crazy footage.

One of the venomous Australian redback spider's reportedly killed dad-of-five John Francis Kennedy in September this year in Ireland

This young 13 year old lady gets bitten on the leg by a snake. See what happened in an animation video, and why you should buy a venom extractor kit. Check it out.

The 13 year old Venezuelan girl suffered severe necrosis - the premature death of cells - due to a snake bite that was treated with local indigenous remedies for a month before she was finally brought to a hospital in Caracas for treatment.

Take a look at the top 5 worst snake bites people received. Check out the video.

Northern Copperheads are named for the coppery color of their heads. They are quiet if left alone but will strike aggressively if disturbed.

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Man-Eating Super Squid: Marlin Desecrated by Giant Squid : Video : Animal Planet

Check out this story about a little girl's hand getting bitten by a King Cobra

Check out this story about a little girl's hand getting bitten by a King Cobra

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Lawn insects control and perimeter pest defense is quite safe. There is no need of treatment inside your home. Pestout offers you these kind of world class services.

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thepoisondiaries: “ The beautiful Anthurium (Flamingo flower), is a poisonous plant. The main symptoms of poisoning when touched is irritation to the skin and eyes. Be careful if you have this in your.