Emily Carr

Emily Carr The eccentric Canadian artist sits on a stool on the beach near Victoria, working on one of her beloved totem pole paintings.

Skater, 1964, Alex Colville, acrylic polymer on hardboard, 113 x 69.8 cm., Canada.

"Skater" - Alex Colville, acrylic polymer emulsion on hardboard {female athlete posterior painting}

A. J. Casson

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Arthur Lismer and Tom Thomson, Smoke Lake, Algonquin Park, 1914

Tom Thomson (R) with Arthur Lismer, fishing in Algonquin Park. Lismer would later become a member of the famous Group of 7 painters. That group said Thomson’s work was an inspiration for their painting direction.

Emily Carr's home

Carr family residence with family on the porch c. Richard Carr had home built on Government Street in Victoria, B.

Emily Carr, Loggers’ Culls, 1935, oil on canvas, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery,  Gift of Miss I. Parkyn, Photo: Trevor Mills, Vancouver Art Gallery

Edward Burtynsky in Dialogue with Emily Carr: A Terrible Beauty – Canadian Art