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Champagne and Bubbly Drink Recipes

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Frizzante Mojito

Cuba – Frizzante Mojito

Castro Calamity From the Great White North of Canada, we jet set our way to the Republic of Cuba. We have to leave via Canada because no flights from the U.S. go to the communist country. Speaking …

Kir Royal Champagne Cocktail

September 1 – Kir Royale

Your Majesty There have been many fictional monarchs over the course of history. Some rulers are worthy of mention, while others have had subpar reigns. Here are some of the most liked and most hat…

Death in the Afternoon Absinthe Champagne Cocktail

March 11 – Death in the Afternoon

The Green Fairy Legend has it that Death in the Afternoon was Ernest Hemingway’s preferred absinthe cocktail. So, I decided to give the recipe a try and sure enough, I was transported into a hazy w…

Tinsel Bellini Champagne Cocktail

December 13 – Tinsel Bellini

Christmas Blitzed As the holiday season rapidly rushes by, it’s important to sit back and take in all that surrounds you. That can definitely include the many winter-themed alcohol options, most of…

Milestone Champagne Cocktail (original recipe)

April 10 – Milestone

A Toast to Us! This is a big one; we’ve hit the 100th drink in Sip Advisor history. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I hereby introduce to you the first ever Sip Advisor awards! Everyone is decked out in his and her best attire, the bubbly is flowing (literally!) and the paparazzo is snapping a…

Skinny Miami Champagne Cocktail

March 6 – Skinny Miami (The Drink)

A-MUSE Me Inspiration can come in many forms. After all, Walt Disney conceived the idea for Disneyland while watching his daughters play at a Southern California playground and realizing that there…

Bellini Champagne Cocktail (not frozen)

January 11 – Bellini

The Ballad of Baby Bellini Recently, I was told that Bellini has become an increasingly popular baby name for girls. I sincerely hope that my source of information had merely indulged in one too ma…

Golden Resolution

January 1 – Golden Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions Most of us make them, most of us break them, and no, I’m not talking about pottery. For 2012, I made a few resolutions and by my own accounting, I only kept to one of t…