01 May 42: RAF fighter pilot George Beurling gets his first of 31 kills in a sweep over Calais. Beurling, a Canadian, will go on to become Canada's most famous hero of WWII, distinguishing himself in the defense of Malta. Nicknamed the "Falcon of Malta," he can best be described as having possessed superhuman abilities and a computer-like mind for mathematics. His record includes shooting down 27 enemy planes in 14 days and scoring one kill from a distance of 800 yards. #WWII #History

George "Buzz" Beurling (December the most successful Canadian fighter pilot of World War II, with 31 kills. He was a very interesting and eccentric person. He sadly died in a plane crash at the age of only

D-Day, Juno Beach - A Canadian Supermarine Spitfire recieves its D-Day markings, June 5th at Tangmere, Sussex.

An RAF Supermarine Spitfire receives its D-Day invasion stripes; Tangmere, Sussex, England - 5 June 1944 "Don't see nice rough ones like these on modern aircraft.