Midnight Brownies | The Dr. Oz Show

Midnight Brownies - Black Beans for Weight Loss Snack Ingredients 1 can oz) black beans cup agave syrup cup self-rising flour cup egg whites cup unsweetened cocoa 2 tbsp vanilla 1 tsp baking powder 6 tbsp mini semisweet chocolate chips

Gâteau Blanc Sauce Style St-Hubert

Recette: Gâteau Blanc Sauce Style St-Hubert

A copy cat recipe of the best dessert at St-Hubert: The Extase (white cake with the sugar coulis!

Cinnamon Apple Saute a la Mode | The Dr. Oz Show

This crockpot apple pie is perfect to take to a Thanksgiving Day potluck. Even if you're making Thanksgiving dinner at home, consider this easy dessert that you assemble and forget about the rest of the day!

Chocolate Chip Chia Cupcakes | The Dr. Oz Show

Chocolate Chip Chia Cupcakes - I like this idea of using chia seeds. On Dr. Oz, cook said she used seeds in place of oil in the recipe but there is c coconut oil in this recipe? Would need a base recipe with fewer weird ingredients

Mousse légère au chocolat

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Triple Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies | The Dr. Oz Show

Triple Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies - Rocco DiSpirito Now Eat This on Dr. uses cannellini beans!

Boules de collation sans cuisson | Cuisine futée, parents pressés

Fettucini Alberto (le cousin d’Alfredo!

Apple Cinnamon Frittata | The Dr. Oz Show

What do singers Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys have in common? They both look to health and fitness expert Harley Pasternak for their meals. Using oatmeal as one of his main ingredients, Harley creates a simple and affordable breakfast.