Read-So Great

The Hunger Games Trilogy Didn't think much of Catching Fire until I was almost finished and it got interesting.

Read - Pretty good

Anything by Guy Kay is definitely worth reading, but this is a great place to start!

Read this series...Drags on...

"The Black Company", Complete Series: Glenn Cook (Paperback, Library/Kindle, Text

I have read all of the enders game books... Everyone should at least read Enders Game...Plus a movie is coming out about it!

The Paperback of the The Ender Quartet Box Set: Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind (Ender Quintet Series) by Orson Scott

Want to read... Looks like an interesting series by an author I already know is great

'Charon's Claw: Neverwinter Saga, Book III' by R. Salvatore ---- In the book of the New York Times best-selling Neverwinter Saga, Drizzt draws his swords once more to aid his friends.

Read all of them so far...If you like the show you will love the books!

'The Walking Dead, Book 1 (Bk. by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn ---- This hardcover features the first 12 issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume.