Paper Cups - Tara Donovan  A unique 'snow'scape effect made by using paper cups.  I saw complaints on the post complaining about the use of paper cups for art. They are recyclable.  One response I loved made the point that no one complains about artists using paint for art... (no matter the size of the project).  As a display this is grand.

Paper Cups - Tara Donovan this is amazing! Something so creative from a simple plastic cup

Tower in 115 Bathurst Street, Sydney | Most Beautiful Pages

Skyscraper at 115 Bathurst Street, Sydney, Australia. Bathurst Street is a cross street in the Central Business District of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Minimal with maximum tranquility!

Finca Floating Candles - Create a beautiful setting for a romantic dip in the pool with some Finca Floating Candles. The gorgeous candles add warm light to any still water,.

Tiny House as Quiet Home Office with Beautiful View

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'sheats goldstein residence' by john lautner, beverly hills , california image © artjocks while in los angeles, designboom had the opp.