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Building Number Sense to 20

My Technology Lab Classroom The best STEM challenges from the writers of STEM Activities for KiActivities for Building Number Sense to 20 Great activities for building number sense in kindergartners or first grade kids!

create an estimation station - building number sense to 20

Math activities for building number sense to 20 in Kindergarten and first grade. A list of resources, books, manipulatives, and freebies are included!

Get Inspired by These Amazing School Library Ideas

April is officially School Library Month. Learn about 8 school library ideas that will help you jazz up your media center all year round!

Loved this book! Historical Fiction, England, 1800s.

"Remarkable Creatures" -- Tracy Chevalier -- a glimpse of the century hobby & passion of fossil hunting & how it dictated & defined the lives of two women who refused to fit the mold.

Library Shelving Activities for All Ages: Adventures of a Subversive Reader

Library shelving has always been slightly magical to me. When I was in Year I was given the honour of being a 'library helper' in my school library, and among other things, I was allowed to shel.