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This is the most awesome driveway ever. These are glow in the dark stones that you mix in with concrete! They absorb sunlight in the day, and glow all night!

Thumbnail image for Glow In The Dark Driveway. How cool is this driveway? This awesome glow in the dark driveway was made by mixing glowstones with gravel, causing the driveway to light up at night. Glowstones, which you

Ice Cream Cake ~ This easy but remarkable recipe involves two kinds of ice cream to create an awesome and refreshing treat that will be welcomed at any occasion.

Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake ~ Better than any DQ cake I've ever had, and it's much cheaper too! The homemade fudge layer is so yummy, and you can customize it with your favorite ice cream, etc. Makes a 13 X 9 pan-full of frozen goodness!

Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

Best Drink Ever: Kiss on the Lips Cocktail (Carnival): Blend frozen mango juice concentrate (or frozen mango daiquiri mix) with some crushed ice and peach schnapps. Pour grenadine into bottom of glass; pour drink into glass.