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The Walking Dead

RIP sweet Mika ~ It's a good thing Lizzie is gone now. Mika was too wishy-washy and Lizzie was creepy-insane girl. (Please keep Judith safe, and don't let her go cray-cray.

The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Game Confessions: Kenny meme I did everything to stay on his side and got personally offended when he still said mean things xD

The Walking Dead - Game

Episode 3 of Telltale Games’ brilliant video game series based on The Walking Dead comic book is out this week. Here’s where and when to find it, along with some spankin’ new screens.

Walking Dead Game Arts.

A character design for Clementine from the Walking Dead Game, ten years after the game is set. Clementine just breaks my heart. Clementine, The Walking Dead (All Grown Up)