The Man Date

The man date is all about simplicity. Good food, good drinks, and good company will always be the recipe for a great time. Besides, studies from the University of Maryland show that boys night out may be the key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your significant other. Make sure you use that line next time you’re trying to score a hall pass for the evening. Here are some picks for the best places in the city to drink beer, watch the game/fight, or just kick back with your buds.
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WURST Restaurant and Beer Hall

WURST Restaurant and Beer Hall

WURST Restaurant and Beer Hall. Nothing kills a hangover better than 'hair of the dog'!

Zen Japanese Sushi

Zen Japanese Sushi

Note to self: sushi, in small quantities, is healthy. Overindulging is not.

The Block Kitchen & Lounge

The Block Kitchen & Lounge - Calgary, Alberta - Casual, Locally Sourced, Family Owned and Operated Restaurant & Lounge.

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