Website helps consumers with complaints:    PHOENIX -  Have you ever had a complaint about something and were on hold forever, waiting to talk to a representative?    Website claims to get your problem resolved and deal with all your gripes    They hear it up the gripe-vine: complaint after complaint, except instead of the familiar run around and "will you please hold", Gripevine prides itself on action.

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Six Customer Experience Lessons Brought to Life in Video    By Janessa Lantz      United Breaks Guitars by Dave Caroll    The Story:     A song about how United Airlines broke Dave Caroll’s guitar, and refused to fix it.    Lesson: When a customer reports a problem, take action or prepare to suffer the consequences at the hands of the empowered consumer.

Six Customer Experience Lessons Brought to Life in Video

In this Gripe Of The Week, Canadian Tire, (TSX: CTC.A) a well-known Canadian retail chain, once again earns its reputation for poor in-store service.

Canadian Tire Seeks Partner for Credit Card Business

Gripe of the Week: American Airlines Bites the Hand That Feeds It  - is a powerful platform in a variety of ways but I think what consumers appreciate most is the opportunity to vent frustrations from bad customer experiences and explain only once, in detail, what happened and what they'd consider as a fair resolution. Here is a good example of that:

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