Dry eye disease is an extremely common condition that is often under-diagnosed. Know what the symptoms are and learn how to recognize the disease.

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Why Doctors Say There Are More Dry Eyes in the House

More people are landing in their doctor's office complaining of gritty, irritated and burning eyes. No, it isn't allergies or an eye infection. It's dry eye, which doctors say is reaching epidemic proportions.

Menopausal Women with Low Androgen at Risk of Developing Dry Eye!

There are preventive uses of estrogen to keep you healthy & potentially avoid menopause problems.

Man using artificial tears

Dry Eye News: Operating rooms are a breeding ground for dry eye.

Dr Somdutt Prasad: Dry Eyes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment by Dr Somdutt Prasad

Dry eye syndrome is a condition when the tear film can't adequately lubricate and moist your eyes. Learn more about dry eye syndrome here.

Do you suffer from dry, itchy eyes? Do you eyes feel gritty and cause you endless discomfort? Do drops and pills never seem to give you enough relief?  You most likely suffer, together with at least 5,000,000 other Americans and countless others world wide from Dry Eye Syndrome.  Come join us to in making DES an issue worthy of research funding simply by raising our voices and making ourselves heard!

In today's conditions, the eyes of many people, the problem is manifesting itself with eye irrigation. Our tears hinder our cornea from being damaged. Again, it contributes to the nourishment of

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Eagle Water Treatment: Does Drinking More Water Help Dry Eyes?