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Drywall patching tips and tricks

Invisible Drywall Patching I used to avoid any projects that required me to fix drywall. I thought it was impossible to make it match from every angle. Over the years I have learned a few tips to help hide patches.

Easy do-it-yourself video for keeping noise and unwanted sound from traveling between floors and ceilings by insulating with Roxul Safe 'n Sound insulation. For more videos and information, see: http://www.diywithroxul.com

Sound Proof Ceilings :- Are you tired of that annoying noise coming from your ceiling? Get cheap and long-lasting sound proof ceilings solutions at Sound Proofing Products Australia.

Laminated Veneer Corner Wall Mount Shelf

This beautiful Laminated Veneer Corner Wall Mount Shelf is d esigned to hang on a wall corner for a unique addition to your decor. The attractive and modern shelf has a mid-century flair that will add