Presentation is Everything

Presentation is Everything - Tackk

Who qualifies your Buyers? - Tackk

disneypixar: “ “It’s not an accident that Oozma Kappa is green. How do you put clothes on Mike?

Aging Mom and Dad - Tackk

Aging Mom and Dad - Tackk Have a look at HOW your parents are doing during Thanksgiving

There are a gazillion commercials of gentlemen selling houses in #Toronto. So you don’t need to watch this

Work with a full time Realtor who will help get your home sold with minimal inconvenience for your family.

Spotting a Deal - Tackk   How do you find one?

moving spots by Yoni Alter “Look at the adorable GIF above. What you’re seeing is nothing more than a blob of disconnected, alternating smaller blobs. So why do our brains tell us that we’re looking.

Montreal at Night

Montreal at night Taken from the International Space Station, by Col.

Buy a House

Buy a House - Tackk

Get Sold Values for the Street or Neighbourhood

You can find out instantly what any condo was sold for; What was the last sale on that street? Tell me which building or neighbourhood you would like the history for. and I will respond. Quickly Complete the simple sign in sheet for.

Why Pay Rent?

What is preventing your dream of home ownership? So what are you waiting for?

Answering more questions

Answering more questions - Tackk

Property Guys vs David Pylyp

Property Guys vs David Pylyp - Tackk after you post online THEN what?

I'm in your neighbourhood

I'm in your neighbourhood - Tackk