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very interesting idea, how durable is it though?

Sony Nextep: Designed by Hiromi Kirik from Japan Developed to be worn as a bracelet, this computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. with holographic projector (for screen), & pull-out extra keyboard panels!

Add a sticker to things you lose a lot, then track them with the device - second idea of this I have seen, and it is a great idea still.

Put tracking stickers on objects that you lose often, like keys, phone, wallet etc. Tell the app on your device what THAT sticker is on ("car keys"). Then when you need to find it, use the app to find that sticker (and your keys).

Bathtub fills to desired level you set, and shuts off automatically - great idea, for water conservation ideas.

The Water Lock is an automatic water meter and a locking device for use on bathtub taps. What you need to do is simply set the