Cocktail paintings

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a painting of two cans of soda and a glass with ice cubes on a table
Rum and baking
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Painting a cocktail Cocktail, Sip, Dinner Is Served, Peonies Garden, Spring Flowers, Set Me Free, Marmalade Jam
Afternoon sip
Painting a cocktail
Martini cocktail Saskatoon Berry, Artwork, Saskatoon Berry Pie
Martini 🍸
Martini cocktail
a painting of a bottle of spielcor and two glasses
Some creative shots featuring our iconic S.Pellegrino
We’ve compiled some creative shots featuring our iconic S.Pellegrino: thanks @dawnburtonreedart @jessie_feitosa for sharing your authentic sparkling art with us! #Sanpellegrino
two forks and a spoon on a table
Silver plated
Acrylic on canvas 20 x 20 inches
Acrylic art with float frames
White painted wood float frames from Opus, recently framed some of my art, acrylic on canvas.
a painting of an orange slice and a bottle of pink gin on a table top
Packed full of flavour
Gin cocktail painting #artist #acrylicpainting #paintingart #painting #acrylicartist painting techniques #paintingoftheday #arte #canvaspaintingacrylic #canvasartpainting #canvaswallart
an oil painting of liquor bottles in a store
Shelf of gin
Acrylic painting, shelf of gin bottles, sheringham gin
a painting of a martini glass on a table
Not too sweet
a painting of an orange martini on a table
Time to sloe down
an oil painting of a bowl of food with fork and knife next to it on a green surface
Pink blush
a painting of two wine glasses and a bottle
To Us
a painting of a glass on a white table with a green chair in the background
Unrequited love
a painting of forks and glasses on a table
Lunch at station pub
a painting of flowers in a vase and two bottles on a table with striped cloth
All my favourite things