Alaskan Moose Steak Marinade --- I made this tonight...if you don't like wild meat, this might change your mind! AWESOME! - ES

Alaskan Moose Steak Marinade cup soy sauce * cup olive oil * cup lemon juice * cup Worcestershire sauce * 1 tablespoon garlic powder * 3 tablespoons dried basil * 1 tablespoon dried parsley * dash of pepper

Moose roast tenderizes in your slow cooker with a French onion gravy

Crockpot Moose Roast with French Onion Gravy

Drunk Moose Meatballs | It’s a #SundaySupper Holiday Event | The Foodie Army Wife

Drunk Moose Meatballs

Drunk Moose Meatballs - very bbq flavoured. Im not a huge fan of the overpowering flavour of BBQ, would definitely make the meatballs again, but maybe try out a different sauce

Roast Moose with Bacon and Dijon Mustard

Try Moose Roast Dinner! You'll just need Our Roast Moose Dinner, Slow Cooker Moose Roast : Ingredients:, Sirloin Tip Moose Roast pound), 1 whole bulb.

The Best Moose Burger You Will Ever Have

The Best Moose Burger You Will Ever Have

These are the best moose burgers you will ever have! Ground moose meat tends to be very lean which makes it a tad dry; the bacon adds just the right amount of fat and flavor to this meat.

Moose Satay – A delicious barbequed appetizer that your guests will rave about!

Try this Vietnamese sate recipe if you like Thai food. We made it with moose, but if you have any wild game meat in your house you can use this recipe too!

Mmmmmmm making them tonight :) Pan-Sauteed Moose Sirloin Steaks with Mushrooms and Red Wine

Moose Sirloin Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce

Pan-Sauteed Moose Sirloin Steaks with Mushrooms and Red Wine: Moose Sirloin Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms

Garlic, Rosemary Moose Roast with red wine gravy. Easy and delicious recipe.

MOOSE ROAST - This was good. I should have taken it out when specified because mine did over cook a touch. Probably will halve the balsamic vinegar if ever making again as well as go easy on the salt and rosemary rub - it was a bit strong.