Frugal Grocery Shopping Tips

Frugal grocery shopping tips to help you save money. For more frugal living tips visit
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15 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Grocery shopping is always a drag for me, so I found a way to make it a bit cheerier and a ton more efficient. I created this master grocery list in my bullet journal so I can use it again and again.

A Frugal Grocery Tip: The Last Stop to Produce Heaven – DEVISE.CREATE.CONCOCT.

Recognize this? It’s the reduced price shelf found in the produce section of your grocery store. The shelf where produce goes before it dies R…

Save money by cutting your own carrots!

I don’t know who Pete is or where the saying came from, but for the love of him, do your wallet a favour and cut your own carrots. “Baby” carrots are a giant pet peeve of mine.

10 foods I freeze to save money

In an effort to save money and avoid food waste I’ve been using my freezer for things other than ice cubes and frozen bags of peas that never get eaten (which by the way, I will always associ…

Coupon Cath & the Scanner Price Accuracy Code – DEVISE.CREATE.CONCOCT.

Coupon Cath & the Scanner Price Accuracy Code

A frugal grocery shopping tip for an elf

If you’re an elf, you’re probably downing a lot of maple syrup these days, it’s just that time of year – but don’t be too quick to grab the first bottle of maple syrup…

Food for thought - a frugal grocery budget?

Food for thought - a frugal grocery budget?

How to freeze & save money with beans

“Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat the more you…” Have you heard that one before? Ok, I will stop there… One way that I’ve been saving money on gr…