Diane “Honey” Jacobson’s latest book is an important comment about First Nations efforts to save the salmon and her personal youthful journey to find meaning and a sense of place in life. Like the style in her first book My Life in a Kwagu’l Big House, this book is full of action, amazing adventures and fascinating connections between land, water and people. Follow “Honey” through sometimes hilarious and sometimes difficult periods but we always learn a life lesson.

Diane “Honey” Jacobson’s latest book is the First Nations efforts to save the salmon and her personal youthful journey to find meaning and a sense of place in life.

Salmon Eggs Hatching at the Seymour Hatchery, funny video the kids will get a kick out of

Salmon breaking out of their eggs and becoming alevin at the Seymour River Hatchery in North Vancouver. Learn more about the Seymour River Hatchery, salmon,.

This unit is a fun science pack, all about salmon. These activities are differentiated, so that they can be used in 1st – 3rd grade. There are two complete sets, so that you can choose between a color or a black & white version. Posters, craftivity, worksheets and puzzles.

Life Cycles Salmon Life Cycle Unit with Craftivity

You know what happens after a Salmon struggles and struggles to swim upstream? It dies. Maybe it's better to go with the flow.

This page has a list of wonderful resources about salmon. I especially like the Magnificent Journey and Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Coloring Book.

Lifecycle of Salmon This pack contains: -8 graphics with facts about salmon (could be used as posters) -10 vocabulary word task cards and definitions -2 different MY LIFECYCLE BOOK differentiated for high and low students. Each book contains 6 1/2 pages of facts at each stage of the salmon lifecycle, as well as a lifecycle map to fill in, 2 1/2 sheets to use the vocabulary words in a sentence, and a 1/2 sheet to fill in facts the students have learned.

Life cycles : Life of a Salmon

Students learn all about salmon, salmon life cycles, predators, fish ladders, and much more. A fantastic salmon simulation activity is provided that has your students become salmon and try to survive. I team up with the phys ed teacher and turn the gym into a gauntlet of salmon predators and obstacles. The students learn how difficult it is to survive to spawn. Always fun. Enjoy! Science from Murf LLC

Salmon Lesson

Salmon Unit

Salmon Unit

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